Hunny Do Prevention & Maintenance Service Plans are unique plans that allow you to choose the level of maintenance for your needs. Plans start at $25/month. The American Society of Home Inspectors recommends budgeting 1.5%-4% of the home's value for home maintenance. Our plans will help homeowners keep these significant maintenance costs under control and under budget.

Studies show that preventative maintenance is many times more cost effective than reactive maintence. Failure of systems and components can cause catastrophic damage to your home and possible harm to your loved ones. Identifying and dealing with the problem when it is simple to correct, is far less expensive than dealing with a much larger issue when systems or components fail.

Hunny Do Prevention and Maintenance Service Plan appointments are scheduled 3-7 times a year to keep your home in top condition. You choose the plan that suits your budget and needs. Your home's comprehensive prevention and maintenance plan will be carried out by Hunny Do's professional maintenance team. Depending on which plan you choose, each In-Home Inspection will last approximately 2-6 hours.